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Baldwin Park Unified School District

3699 North Holly Ave., Baldwin Park 91706
Phone: (626) 962-3311 Fax: (626) 856-4901
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Rubio, Blanca Estela
Vargas, Teresa I.
Vice President
Vargas, Teresa I.
Lopez, Carlos
Lucero, Christina
White, Jack B.
Lucero, Christina
Lara, Betsabel
Vice President
Hernandez, Santos Jr.
Robles, Deanna C.
Varela, Robert G.
Mendoza (Ed.D.), Froilan N., Superintendent
Phone: (626) 856-4201
Armik Andjou
Interim Director, Transporatation 626.962.3311 Ext: 6099
William Avila
Director of Student Services 626.962.3311 Ext: 4443
Lydia Cano
Deputy Superintendent, Business Services and Operations 626.962.3311 Ext: 4208
Sergio Cazorla
Director of Business Risk Management and Benefits 626.962.3311 Ext: 4451
Rosa Estrella
Director, Nutrition Services 626.962.3311 Ext: 4562
Randy Gray
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources 626.962.3311 Ext: 4309
Rick Hassler
Director of Educational Technology and Support 626.962.3311 Ext: 4276
Christine Heinrichs, Ed.D.
Director, Student Achievement 626.962.3311 Ext: 6017
Susan Ibarra
Director, Fiscal Services 626.962.3311 Ext: 4292
Noreen Iwai-Ito
Senior Director, Support Services 626.962.3311 Ext: 4592
John Kerr, Ed.D
Senior Director, Adult and Community Education 626.962.3311 Ext: 4104
Hedieh Khajavi
Director, Human Resources 626.962.3311 Ext: 4305
Laura A. La Turno
Senior Executive Assistant, Office of the Superintendent 626.962.3311 Ext: 4610
Froilan Mendoza, Ed.D.
Superintendent 626.962.3311 Ext: 4201 4610
Richard Noblett
Director of Student Achievement 626.962.3311 Ext: 4538
Jill Poe
Chief, School District Police 626.962.3311 Ext: 4231
Ray Rankin
Director, Facilities and Operations Ext: 6063
Maria Rios, Ed.D.
Director of Student Achievement 626.962.3311 Ext: 4282
Ricardo Rivera
Director, Early Childhood Education 626.962.3311 Ext: 4344
Angela Salazar
Assistant Superintendent, Student Achievement 626.962.3311 Ext: 4634
Christine L. Simmons
Senior Director, Special Education 626.962.3311 Ext: 4370

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